About Us

Behind the Felt

Behind the Felt started as a small group of friends and random colleagues called Cobra Poker. Cobra poker started in 2005 with 10 members, a group of friends, a small buy in and the felt. A weekly tournament quickly turned into a competitive poker group with statistics tracking and weekly banter. There was more than one version of the Cobra Poker website, with features always being added.

Over the years, some of the more obscure tournaments consisted of a Tahoe ski and poker trip, 49er tail gate poker, BBQ doubleheader's outdoors, Halloween Poker, and most recently a Vegas trip. Vegas was the first Cobra game that had a private table in a casino, dealers and cocktail waitress. A trophy is passed on to the yearly winner after our Tournament of Champions game and TOC dinner!

Cobra Poker now has 17 members with more than 100 players over the years. It's is the league on behind the felt that started it all! Hopefully this tool can help people to track their statistics as well and make their home games fun and competitive for years to come.